WildWorks by Barb
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WildWorks Gift Shop

As an eclectic gift shopping experience, WildWorks features unique and one of a kind hand-made, artistic gifts. Located on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior, Barbís WildWorks is the only outlet for her variety of gift items, many made with elements of nature. The artist also offers her watercolors, pastels, and acrylic paintings for your consideration.

WildWorks is located at the Ericksonís residence where a small guest house has been converted to their studio and display gallery, just a few dozen feet from the waters of Lake Superior. For the visitors viewing pleasure, Barbís green thumb has created a yard covered with hundreds of perennial plants separated by paths into island gardens.

Please be aware that their small facility does not offer certain amenties. For example, credit cards are not accepted at the store however a 24/7 ATM facility is available in Paradise. Bathroom facilities are not available and the parking area is small. It will not accommodate motor homes, tour buses, or truck-trailer rigs. Parking along the road is not permitted.

WildWorks can be found at 10094 North Whitefish Point Road, 1.8 miles north of the only blinking light in Paradise. Look for the sign by the road. Open May 1 to October 31, Wednesday through Sunday: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Other visits are by appointment only: Barb@WildWorksbyBarb.com.